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Teeth Whitening £99


In less than an hour experience the best power whitening treatment available on the UK market. Improve between 6 to 12 shades in a matter of minutes


Our award-winning whitening gels are EU approved. let vastly experienced and highly trained staff give you peace of mind and a pain-free treatment using a nonsensitive solution.


The third generation 36 Aura light we used is the foremost in cosmetic whitening technology; be one of the 1st to experience the future of teeth whitening by using a specially developed system for guaranteed results


Choose from a wide range of retail products to enhance supplement and improve your Naturawhite experience.

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Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not have their teeth whitened. this procedure is not recommended for people undergoing heavy treatment such as chemotherapy.

Teeth whitening is not harmful to people with crowns or veneers although whitening results are usually less noticeable compare to that results on natural teeth.

We recommend the customer avoid smoking all consuming coloured foods and drinks for 24 to 48 hours after that treatments.

Factors affecting teeth discolouration:

  • food and drinks
  • use of medication
  • poor dental hygiene
  • medical condition


Self-administered teeth whitening service offered by nail & beauty co is completely legal and in line with the law:

  • Selling a disposable gum-shield that is pre-filled with non-peroxide gel only.
  • The customer, upon purchase of the gum-shield, has the option of using this product at home at his or her leisure, or on other premises, without your attendance.
  • There is no prior examination of the customer's mouth. No advice or diagnosis takes place and no recommendations are given.
  • The product manufacturer supplies all information with regards to the product; we act as a vendor. Thus, we do not carry out any procedures involving the application of any product, which would constitute treatment, advice or attendance.
  • Our lamps and packages are sold with activation cards. These cards allow us to monitor the amount of gel used.